Be yourself, dance flamenco! 

„It doesn’t matter how good dancer you are,
but how do you feel when you dance.“

Why choose flamenco courses online?


Lessons in comfort of a home, no commuting needed.

You choose the time yourself, you dance completely according to your own options.


Clear instructions, to which you can return at any time.

Dancing flamenco with my online courses can be done even by women without previous dance experience
and regardless of age!

Choose the most suitable course for you!

Choreography Desperado

Being able to dance to a beautiful song doesn’t have to be just a dream!
In this course, I will guide you step by step through the basic elements that we will combine into a beautiful
and effective choreography.

Start dancing with a professional tutor!

MgA. Helena Korejtková

I have been dancing since childhood. I believe that we women havenaturally close to dance – it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, find space and time for ourselves, support our sensuality and have a great time.
I have been a woman to dance for 15 years, I will be happy to accompany you on the dance journey.


During 15 years of teaching flamenco, I have confirmed two things:

1. Whether we aim for different goals in dance (technique, style, musicality, sensuality, …), we all have one thing in common: to have fun, enjoy and forget all the worries while dancing.

2. It doesn’t matter your age or movement level to getstarted with the dance!

Get a sample lesson

Try out how the courses run and what you can look forward to. You will receive tastings from me from both the technique and choreography courses!

Co říkají ženy, které s mýmWhat do the women who started dancing with my classes say?i kurzy začaly tančit?

"Flamenco caught me and didn't let go, at the age of 50 I started under the guidance of the lecturer
Mrs. Helena to teach this wonderful dance. I recommend!"
Šárka Jirásková
"I highly recommend Helena's courses 🙂 Having regular exercise is one thing, but Helena's courses are full of energy, femininity, support for individuality and space to express yourself through dance."
Aneta F.
Helena, always smiling, in a good mood, guided me through her professional guidance from the first dance positions, correct posture, to mastering the beautiful two choreographies. I highly recommend it to all women who want to discover their wild and unbridled selves."
Jana K.

My dance school visited in 15 years Covered by already 1000 students

In 2016, we won the FLAMENCOPA 2016 dance competition in competition with flamenco dance schools from all over the Czech and Slovak Republics! Watch a montage of live performances:

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